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Business Network

Our network, server installation and support services are focused on keeping your business high efficiency network systems—meeting the network demands of today while planning for tomorrow. More »

Solution For Small Business, and Offices

Are you tired of dealing with unreliable computer service? Is your IT support impossible to reach? We deal with IT issue everyday, so you don\'t have to. We take care many small business and offices from A-Z More »

Access to your business wherever you go

With our HI-TECH, you can take your business with you. Wherever you go, your business goes too. More »

Our Security Services protect your business

Our security services ensure your business is always protected. We help by selecting, implementing, and managing IT security services for you. More »


Hello everyone.

Welcome to Sunrise Computer Co. We’re certain  that you’ve found the right place for  your Information Technology solutions.  Our mission is to help you get results. We’re sure that you will be very satisfied with the outstanding quality of our work. Our professional, friendly team provides a quality product at a unbeatable price, while treating clients with respect. We are passionate about our work, and excited about the opportunity to help our clients take their businesse to the high level.
Our services are:

  • Security Counseling
  • Firewalls and Security Hardware
  • Network SolutionsServer Installation and Setup
  • E-Mail Server Configuration
  • Data Backup
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Computer and server Repairs

Many More…